Why Better Automotive Websites Lead to More Sales

12 Jul Why Better Automotive Websites Lead to More Sales

It’s evident that the internet has become a huge part of the shopping process.  You can peruse your options from the convenience of your office or your couch to order anything you want right to your doorstep.  In the automotive industry, it’s really where customers are narrowing down which dealer they decide to visit and eventually purchase from.  Below we delve into some stats gathered by JD Power and Associates that show how important it is to optimize your dealer website.

Customers are looking at a multitude of sites.

Where are customers looking online?  Customers are researching in front of the screen before going in person, and they’re looking at a broad variety of sites, so you’ve gotta make yours count.

77% of all new-vehicle buyers use the internet to help them in their vehicle shopping process.

Almost all (98%) automotive internet shoppers are visiting manufacturer websites, 81% are going to a third-party site in the process, and 73% are visiting dealer websites.

You have competition.

It’s extremely important to have a user-friendly, informative site with up to date merchandising of monthly offers and specials when customers do make it there, because they’re not only looking at your dealership.

28% of automotive internet shoppers say the internet is a major influence in deciding which dealers to shop.

Shoppers look at an average of 3.7 dealership sites in the process, and this number goes up to a 4.2 average when those customers are submitting requests.

They want honesty when they engage.

When customers are not only looking at your site but also interacting and submitting requests, there’s a lot more opportunity to capitalize on that lead…or fail to do so.

About a quarter (24%) of internet shoppers will  submit a request, and 41% of shoppers who submitted an online request cite the internet as a reason for deciding which dealers to shop.

What do 90% of shoppers want in that request?  A price.  New-vehicle buyers who submit an online request are more likely than those who do not to reject a dealer because the price is too high (34% vs. 30%, respectively), and because the dealer won’t give them a straight answer regarding the vehicle price (20% vs. 15%, respectively).

They’re even looking during their in person visit.

Having a mobile-friendly site is imporant as well, as 59% shoppers use their smart phone at the dealership to compare vehicles as well as access vehicle pricing, other information about the model, and inventory information.

Source: J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) StudySM

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By: Marisa Markwardt

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