Where are Visitors Clicking on Your Automotive Website?

15 Jul Where are Visitors Clicking on Your Automotive Website?

Looking at Google Analytics can tell you a lot about your website as well as your customers.  The more you can find out about the customer’s journey from page to page, the more you can ensure they are finding the information they are looking for, and in turn, buying from your dealership.

Using Google’s In-Page Analytics

One especially useful tool is Google’s In-Page Analytics.  Simply click on “Content” in the left sidebar of your Google Analytics page, then click “In-Page Analytics,” as seen in the screenshot below.

In-Page Analytics allows you to view stats like page clicks superimposed over your site’s homepage.  You can also browse your site as you normally would, clicking from page to page to see the corresponding data.

inpageanalytics copy

We took at look at 20 of our dealer’s sites to see the most popular areas being clicked from the homepage.  It came as no surprise to us that the section getting the most clicks was Used Inventory, getting on average 30.84% of the total clicks on a dealer’s homepage, New Inventory came in second at 15.75% of the clicks, and the three specials pages were next in the line up.

Page Clicks on Dealer Websites


These stats give us a good idea of what customers are coming to a dealer’s website for and which pages may need some extra attention.  Inventory pages are key.  Is the information correct?  Are you engaging the customer?  Are you turning these clicks into leads with some sort of conversion?  Next, are your specials up to date?  Are they enticing?

By monitoring these numbers, if you do decide to make any changes to a page, you can see if your improvements helped or fell flat.

The takeaway: Driving traffic to your website is only step one.  Making sure your website is engaging is the next step in turning that visitor into a lead, and checking the numbers is a great way to find that out.

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By: Tony Weaver

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