The Chumney Approach: Integrated Multi-Channel Advertising

22 Apr The Chumney Approach: Integrated Multi-Channel Advertising

What does advertising mean to you?  At Chumney & Associates, it means putting your dealership in front of people. That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach to target your prospects over the multitude of traditional and digital channels available.  With our services, your message is wherever your customers are, giving you leads and producing results.

It all started with traditional media – TV, Radio, and Print.  These are still major players for a reason.  They bring your message alive and into people’s homes.  However, now, you don’t have to just be looking at a TV screen, listening to a radio, or reading a newspaper to see these ads. We make sure your TV  and Radio spots are being watched on your website, played from emails to customers, going viral on  social media, and more.  The backbone of advertising just got a lot more exciting, because the digital and social world are taking it to new places

Put your brand directly in the customer’s inbox with Email.  Let sold customers know when it’s time to service, alert prospects of a tempting offer on the car they looked at. and alert current owners when they can trade in for a better deal.

Become a part of the conversation and enhance your brand with Social Media.

Merchandise your Website with monthly campaign slides, specials, offers, and landing pages.

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