Post website specials twice a month to social accounts

– Stay up to date on recent automotive trends

– Follow and interact daily with relevant community members through each social outlet


– Connectivity – Monitoring a client’s information on hundred of business listings sites. 

Monitor Your Reach: 

– Actively keep track of progress for each social platform

Are you turning negative reviews into positive results?

SocialMediaScreensIs the social media content you are sharing drawing in potential buyers? Do you know the demographics and geographic area your social media is reaching?

A recent study states that one-quarter of the world’s population uses social media. That statistic equates to 1,730,000,000 people are posting to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and countless other social sites or apps. Every 60 seconds there are 433,000 tweets on Twitter; 293,000 Facebook statuses are updated; and more than five million videos are viewed on YouTube.

SocialMediaWorkerWith the convenience and immediacy of social media, this trend is obviously not going anywhere, so brands must stay up-to-date with the latest developments and make tactical investments to take advantage of this valuable resource. Loyal customers turn potential customers into future sales through social media, and our fully managed offering at Chumney & Associates will effectively oversee conversations with consumers during the purchase process.

Our social media team manages accounts created on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We customize your profiles, make regular posts, and provide you with reports that detail your fan and follower statistics as well as insights into whom you are reaching.

Below are just a few of the ongoing services we provide our social media clients.

  • Accounts created on Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Profiles customized with background and cover art.
  • Custom tabs added to your Facebook page with direct links to your new and used Inventory.
  • Your G+ page integrated with your Google Places listing and YouTube channel.
  • Custom campaign cover photos added to Facebook and G+.
  • Custom monthly offers tab added to Facebook.
  • Commercials uploaded to YouTube and posted on Facebook, Twitter and G+.
  • Monthly calendar with a schedule of posts provided at the beginning of each month.
  • 2-3 posts each week on Facebook, Twitter, and G+ featuring automotive and manufacturer news, your specials and events, customer reviews, and more.
  • 1 post each week on Instagram, also shared to Facebook and Twitter.
  • 2 pins each month on Pinterest.
  • 2 posts each month on LinkedIn.
  • Includes $100 per month towards ongoing Facebook like acquisition ad campaign to gain fans.
  • Additional like acquisition ads can be added for an additional budget
    Social icons added to your website.
  • Email invitations sent to your customers to like your Facebook page (if provided with CSV file).
  • Homepage slides added to your website that link to your social accounts (upon request).
  • Exclusive Facebook-only coupons created for your fans (upon request)
  • Monthly report provided featuring demographics on your fans and followers.
  • Insight to who you are reaching with your posts.