Are you tapping into the latest video advertising opportunities?


Are you remarketing to visitors after they leave your site? Are you making sure you’re not paying for keywords that are irrelevant to your business? If you don’t know the answers to these very important questions, you need to find out fast.

Technology is so completely ingrained in our lives today that for a successful overall advertising strategy, you have to build a prominent online presence, and the groundwork of that presence begins with a solid digital marketing strategy created by Chumney & Associates.

DigitalMarketingDesktopBKWe construct a website with content that’s not only easy to navigate and optimized for multiple platforms, but also integrated with SEO to ensure prime visibility. We boost that visibility by helping you engage with customers via social media platforms and reputation sites to maintain current customers and attract new ones. We create appeal by effectively reaching potential customers with email marketing messages that encourage dealership visits and sales.

We also offer the option to draw new customers via our digital advertising campaigns with search engine marketing (SEM). Our relevant keyword database maximizes your impression share, targets relevant shoppers, and provides custom creations that link directly to your website. Our display ads expand your specials to websites with animated graphic banners and include optimization of mobile versions, and we can also extend the life of your TV ads with our YouTube TrueView video ads.

Once your new strategy goes live, you’ll also have access to real-time analytics proving that you made the intelligent decision to put Chumney & Associates in charge of your automotive advertising.

Learn how to capture lost opportunities and generate immediate R.O.I. with advertising dollars you are already spending …

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