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FREE “COMPETITIVE RECON REPORT” Exposes the Secret Formulas Of Your Most Successful Competitors.


As an Automotive Advertising Agency we sift through 9 years of advertising data uncovering the most successful ads your competitors have ever bought. We then analyze their historical bidding record, and share with you which of their keywords are their most successful. Armed with this list and the knowledge you need to trim the fat, you can optimize your current and future advertising campaign strategies. Proper implementation of this keyword strategy advice will empower you to outrank your competitors without them knowing what happened. Did we mention this is a completely FREE service?SubmitYourRequest

Do you know where your competitors are stealing your business?


Well, WE DO, and we’re prepared to deliver FREE competitive insights to give you an instant advantage in appearing for searches that they won’t! This head-to-head view is packed with essential keyword data your customers are searching for, and we’re ready to share this valuable analysis.

We’re confident that these insights will make an instant impact to your dealership. You can easily apply this to your organic or paid strategies right now. Let’s get started — get the info to take your online presence to the next level. It’s free and without obligation.

Learn how to capture lost opportunities and generate immediate R.O.I. with advertising dollars you are already spending …

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Dominate search results for your brand utilizing our relevant list of keywords and effective ads. Constantly monitor your competitor's high-potential keywords. Control your P.M.A. and your surrounding cities while maximizing R.O.I. with our conversion-focused tracking of both web leads and phone calls.


Our eye for detail and constant monitoring of content activity guarantees your traditional campaign message is completely fused into your website with campaign slides, specials, landing pages, inventory-search results, and details pages that are keyword rich and all integrated keyword rich SEO content.


Award winning print, radio and TV has defined Chumney & Associates as a top performing automotive agencie for well over 25 years. Following in that tradition, we are dedicated to providing fully-integrated campaigns that combine traditional and digital in creative and effective ways.


Contact a Chumney representative today. We can help identify where you may be losing easy money to competitors and where to focus attention for instant wins. It's our pleasure just to speak with you, we love helping dealers. So give us a call today for a competitive analysis and bump up your R.O.I..

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Chumney Digital Solutions delivers sales focused integrated marketing strategies that have proven to move cars by using inventory driven proprietary methods and technology.

Chumney Digital’s Bulls Eye Targeting and Live Inventory Ad Management Technology enables us to outperform our competitors and surpass client expectations every month. Our customized software monitors then analyzes your Market Impression Share to guarantee your dealership is penetrating your market to your maximum benefit and not leaving opportunity on the table or worse yet, letting your competition overrun your brand.

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Our Commitment To You

MikeChumneyPhotoWhen you partner with Chumney, our No. 1 priority to evaluate your specific needs and explore your dealership from the inside out. What drives you? What’s most important to you? What makes you different? And how can we then apply our decades of automotive advertising and cutting-edge know-how of digital and the latest techniques to explode your brand and maximize your R.O.I. ? These are the critical questions we ask and answer on a daily basis for each and every one of the dealers we have the privilege to call our clients. Most importantly we are always available. Give me a call and let’s discuss your dealerships needs.

Mike Chumney, President, Chumney & Associates